User Management

A rendszergazdai (root) jelszó beállítása

It is advisable for all Mageia installations to set a superuser (Administrator) password, usually called the root password in Linux. As you type a password into the top box a shield will change from red-to-yellow-to-green depending on the strength of the password. A green shield shows you are using a strong password. You need to repeat the same password in the box underneath, to check that the first entry was not mistyped.


All passwords are case-sensitive. It is best to use a mixture of letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other characters in a password.

Adjon meg egy felhasználót

Add a User here. A regular user has fewer privileges than the superuser (root), but enough to use the Internet, office applications or play games and anything else the average user might use a computer for.

  • Icon

    Click on this button if you want to change the user's icon

  • Real Name

    Insert the user's real name into this text box

  • Login Name

    Enter the user login name or let DrakX use a version of the user's real name. The login name is case-sensitive.

  • Password

    Type in the user password. There is a shield at the end of the text box that indicates the strength of the password. (See also Megjegyzés)

    Password (again): Retype the user password. DrakX will check that you have not mistyped the password.


Any users added while installing Mageia, will have a home directory that is both read and write protected (umask=0027)

You can add any extra needed users in the Configuration - Summary step during the install. Choose User management.

A hozzáférési jogosultságok a telepítés után is módosíthatók.

User Management (advanced)

The Advanced option allows you to edit further settings for the user you are adding.

  • Shell: This drop-down list allows you to change the shell available to any user you added in the previous screen. Options are Bash, Dash and Sh

  • User ID: Here you can set the user ID for any user you added in the previous screen. If you are unsure what the purpose of this is, then leave it blank.

  • Group ID: This lets you set the group ID. Again, if unsure, leave it blank.

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