Minimal Installasjon

You can choose a Minimal Installation by de-selecting everything in the Package Group Selection screen, see “Valg pakkegruppe”.

If desired, you can additionally tick the "Individual package selection" option in the same screen.

Minimal Installation is intended for those with specific uses in mind for their Mageia, such as a server or a specialised workstation. You will probably use this option combined with the "Individual package selection" option mentioned above, to fine-tune your installation, see “Individuelt pakkevalg”.

If you choose this installation class, then the related screen will offer you a few useful extras to install, such as documentation and X.

If selected, "With X" will also include IceWM as lightweight desktop environment.

The basic documentation is provided in the form of man and info pages. It contains the man pages from the Linux Documentation Project and the GNU coreutils info pages.

CC BY-SA 3.0
Uploaded on 14/07/2017
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