Velg monteringspunktene

Here you see the Linux partitions that have been found on your computer. If you don't agree with the DrakX suggestions, you can change the mount points.


If you change anything, make sure you still have a / (root) partition.

  • Alle partisjoner vises slik: "Enhet" ("Kapasitet", "Monteringspunkt", "Type").

  • "Device", is made up of: "hard drive", ["hard drive number"(letter)], "partition number" (for example, "sda5").

  • If you have many partitions, you can choose many different mount points from the drop down menu, such as /, /home and /var. You can even make your own mount points, for instance /video for a partition where you want to store your films, or /cauldron-home for the /home partition of a cauldron install.

  • For partitions you don't need to have access to, you can leave the mount point field blank.


Choose Previous if you are not sure what to choose, and then tick Custom disk partitioning. In the screen that follows, you can click on a partition to see its type and size.

If you are sure the mount points are correct, click on Next, and choose whether you only want to format the partition(s) DrakX suggests, or more.

CC BY-SA 3.0
Uploaded on 14/07/2017
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