Mageia Control Center

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About the Manual for the Mageia Control Center
Software Management
Software Management (Install and Remove Software)
Software Packages Update
Configure updates frequency
Configure Media
Configure FTP
Configure webserver
Network Services
Configure DHCP
Configure DNS
Configure proxy
Configure time
OpenSSH daemon configuration
Hardware configuration
Sound Configuration
3D Desktop Effects
Set up the graphical server
Set up the Keyboard Layout
Set up the pointer device (mouse, touchpad)
Install and configure a printer
Set up scanner
Set up a UPS for power monitoring
Network and Internet
Network Center
Set up a new network interface (LAN, ISDN, ADSL, ...)
Remove a connection
Share the Internet connection with other local machines
Manage different network profiles
Configure VPN Connection to secure network access
Hosts definitions
Manage system services by enabling or disabling them
Manage, add and remove fonts. Import Windows(TM) fonts
Manage date and time
Manage localization for your system
View and search system logs
Open a console as administrator
Users and Groups
Import Windows(TM) documents and settings
Network Sharing
Access Windows (SMB) shared drives and directories
Share directories and drives with Samba
Access NFS shared drives and directories
Share drives and directories using NFS
Access WebDAV shared drives and directories
Local disks
Manage disk partitions
CD/DVD burner
Share your hard disk partitions
MSEC: System Security and Audit
Set up your personal firewall
Configure authentication for Mageia tools
Advanced setup for network interfaces and firewall
Parental Controls
Set up autologin to automatically log in
Set up boot system
Set up display manager
Other Mageia Tools
Mageia Bug Report Tool
Collect Logs and System Information for Bug Reports
Display Available NFS And SMB Shares
Display Your PCI, USB and PCMCIA Information

CC BY-SA 3.0
Uploaded on 22/10/2016
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