This tool[34] is available in MCC's System tab, in the Administration tools section.

When you start this tool in MCC for the first time, you will see a message about installing draksnapshot. Click on Install to proceed. Draksnapshot and some other packages it needs will be installed.

Click again on Snapshots, you will see the Settings screen. Tick Enable Backups and, if you want to backup the whole system, Backup the whole system.

If you only want to backup part of your directories, then choose Advanced. You will see a little pop-up screen. Use the Add and Remove buttons next to the Backup list to include or exclude directories and files from the backup. Use the same buttons next to the Exclude list to remove subdirectories and/or files from the chosen directories, that should not be included in the backup. Click on Close when you are done.

Now give the path to Where to backup, or choose the Browse button to select the correct path. Any mounted USB-key or external HD can be found in /run/media/your_user_name/.

Click on Apply to make the snapshot.

[34] You can start this tool from the command line, by typing draksnapshot-config as root.

CC BY-SA 3.0
Uploaded on 22/10/2016
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