Parental Controls


This tool[46] is found in the Mageia Control Center, under the Security tab, labelled Parental Control. If you don't see this label, you have to install the drakguard package (not installed by default).


Drakguard is an easy way to set up parental controls on your computer to restrict who can do what, and at which times of day. Drakguard has three useful capabilities:

  • It restricts web access to named users to set times of day. It does this by controlling the shorewall firewall built into Mageia.

  • It blocks execution of particular commands by named users so these users can only execute what you accept them to execute.

  • It restricts access to websites, both manually defined through blacklists/whitelists, but also dynamically based on the content of the website. To achieve this Drakguard uses the leading opensource parental control blocker DansGuardian.

Configuring Parental controls


If your computer contains hard drive partitions that are formatted in Ext2, Ext3, or ReiserFS format you will see a pop up offering to configure ACL on your partitions. ACL stands for Access Control Lists, and is a Linux kernel feature that allows access to individual files to be restricted to named users. ACL is built into Ext4 and Btrfs file systems, but must be enabled by an option in Ext2, Ext3, or Reiserfs partitions. If you select 'Yes' to this prompt drakguard will configure all your partitions to support ACL, and will then suggest you reboot.

Enable parental control: If checked, the parental control is enabled and the access to Block programs tab is opened.

Block all network traffic: If checked, all the websites are blocked, except the ones in the whitelist tab. Otherwise, all the websites are allowed, except the ones in the blacklist tab.

User access: Users on the left hand side will have their access restricted according to the rules you define. Users on the right hand side have unrestricted access so adult users of the computer are not inconvenienced. Select a user in the left hand side and click on Add to add him/her as an allowed user. Select an user in the right hand side and click on Remove to remove him/her from the allowed users.

Time control: If checked, internet access is allowed with restrictions between the Start time and End time. It is totally blocked outside these time window.

Blacklist/Whitelist tab

Enter the website URL in the first field at the top and click on the Add button.

Block Programs Tab

Block Defined Applications: Enables the use of ACL to restrict access to specific applications. Insert the path to the applications you wish to block.

Unblock Users list: Users listed on the right hand side will not be subject to acl blocking.

[46] You can start this tool from the command line, by typing drakguard as root.

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Uploaded on 22/10/2016
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