DrakX selects an appropriate keyboard for your language. If no suitable keyboard is found it will default to a US keyboard layout.

  • Make sure that the selection is correct or choose another keyboard layout. If you don't know which layout your keyboard has, look in the specifications that came with your system, or ask the computer vendor. There may even be a label on the keyboard that identifies the layout. You can also look here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyboard_layout

  • If your keyboard isn't in the list shown, click on More to get a fuller list, and select your keyboard there.


    After choosing a keyboard from the More dialogue, you'll return to the first keyboard choice dialogue and it will seem as though a keyboard from that screen was chosen. You can safely ignore this and continue the installation: the keyboard chosen from the full list will be applied.

  • If you choose a keyboard based on non-Latin characters, you will see an extra dialogue screen asking how you would prefer to switch between the Latin and non-Latin keyboard layouts

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Uploaded on 11/03/2021
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