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  • Install

    Use this option to perform a fresh installation of Mageia. This will format the root partition (/), but can preserve a pre-existing /home partition (a dedicated /home partition, rather than being incorporated within the root (/) partition itself).

  • Upgrade

    Use this option to upgrade an existing installation of Mageia.


Only upgrading from a previous Mageia version that was still supported when this Installer's version was released, has been thoroughly tested. If you want to upgrade a Mageia version that has reached its End Of Life then it is better to do a clean install instead, while preserving your /home partition.


If you have discovered that you forgot to select an additional language, you can return from the Install or Upgrade screen to the language choice screen by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Home. Do NOT do this later in the install.

CC BY-SA 3.0
Uploaded on 11/03/2021
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