Konfiguratu zure Denbora-Eremua

  • Choose your timezone by choosing your country, or a city close to you in the same timezone.

In the next screen you can choose to set your hardware clock to local time or to GMT, also known as UTC.


Ordenagailuan sistema eragileren bat baino gehiago baduzu, ziurtatu guztiak bertako orduan ezarrita dutela, edota UTC/GMT.

Aukeratu zure Herrialdea / Eskualdea

  • Select your country or region. This is important for all kinds of settings, like the currency and wireless regulatory domain. Setting the wrong country can lead to being unable to use a Wireless network.

  • If your country isn't in the list, click the Other Countries option and choose your country / region there.


If your country is only in the Other Countries list, after clicking OK it may seem that a country from the main list was chosen. Despite this, DrakX will actually apply your choice.

Sarrera metodoa

In the Other Countries screen you can also select an input method (at the bottom of the list). Input methods allow users to input multilingual characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc). IBus is the default input method, so users should not need to configure it manually. Other input methods (SCIM, GCIN, HIME, etc) also provide similar functions and can be installed if you added HTTP/FTP media before package selection.


If you missed the input method setup during installation, you can access it post-install via Configure your ComputerSystem, or by running localedrake as root.

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Uploaded on 02/07/2019
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