Testing Mageia as Live system

Live mode

This is the screen you will see if you selected the Boot Mageia option from the Live media menu.

Testing hardware

One of the aims of using the Live mode is to test that your hardware is correctly managed by Mageia. You can check if all devices have a driver in the Hardware section of the Mageia Control Center:

  • network interface: configure it with net_applet

  • graphics card: if you see the previous screen, it's already OK.

  • sound: a jingle has already been played

  • printer: configure your printer/s and print a test page

  • scanner: scan a document from ...

If everything is satisfactory, you can proceed with the installation. If not, you can use the Quit button to exit.


The configuration settings you apply here are carried over if you decide to proceed with the installation.

Launch installation

To launch the installation of the Live DVD to a hard disk or SSD drive, simply click the Install on Hard Disk icon on the Live desktop. You will then see this screen, followed by the Partitioning step.

CC BY-SA 3.0
Uploaded on 02/07/2019