Summary of miscellaneous parameters

DrakX made smart choices for the configuration of your system depending on the choices you made and on the hardware DrakX detected. You can check the settings here and change them if you want after pressing Configure.

System parameters

Hardware parameters

  • Keyboard:

    This is where you setup or change your keyboard layout which will depend on your location, language or type of keyboard.

  • Mouse:

    Here you can add or configure other pointing devices, tablets, trackballs etc.

  • Sound card:

    This section allows you to fine tune your sound card. In most cases the options selected will work with your computer.

  • Graphical interface:

    This section allows you to configure your graphic card(s) and displays.

    For more information, see the section called “Graphic Card and Monitor Configuration”.

Network and Internet parameters

  • Network:

    You can configure your network here, but for network cards with non-free drivers it is better to do that after reboot, in the Mageia Control Center, if you have not yet enabled the non-free media repositories.


    When you add a network card, do not forget to set your firewall to watch that interface as well.

  • Proxies:

    A Proxy Server acts as an intermediary between your computer and the wider internet. This section allows you to configure your computer to utilize a proxy service.

    You may need to consult your systems administrator to get the parameters you need to enter here


  • Security Level:

    Here you set the Security level for your computer, in most cases the default setting (Standard) is adequate for general use.

    Check the option which best suits your usage.

  • Firewall:

    A firewall is intended to be a barrier between your important data and the rascals out there on the internet who would compromise or steal it.

    Select the services that you wish to have access to your system. Your selections will depend on what you use your computer for.


    Bear in mind that allowing everything (no firewall) may be very risky.